What to Do When You Encounter a Dental Emergency

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    Just as a broken arm would warrant a trip to the emergency room, a baseball to the mouth would warrant a trip to the emergency dentist. Whether you broke a few teeth or are experiencing major oral pain, some situations shouldn’t wait. If you are fast enough, you may be able to reverse the damage that has been done. 

    But how do you know what type of dental issue is an emergency and how you should act accordingly? We’ll be breaking down this matter today. Keep reading to learn more!

    How can I know if I am experiencing a dental emergency?

    While there are many dental issues you can face, not all of them can be classified as an emergency. That said, here are two that do classify as one: toothaches and broken teeth.

    While a toothache might seem to be a menial problem, it ranges in severity and there is a point when you’re rendered incapable of doing anything. If you do have a toothache, try rinsing your mouth with some warm water and pressing a cold compress onto the area. You can also take some painkillers if need be before you book an appointment with the dentist. If the pain is too much to bear, though, pay a visit immediately.

    Broken teeth are quite serious and often occurs when you have suffered an impact to your mouth. In the case that you have broken teeth, store any broken pieces in a safe place and call the dentist immediately. They might be able to help you on the same day to repair the damage, or you will be able to set up an appointment as early as possible.

    What should I do during an emergency?

    When you run into any dental emergency, the first thing you should do is to take a deep breath and gauge the severity of the situation. That way, you can think clearly.

    If your teeth are in bad condition, search first for an emergency dentist you can call. If you can’t find a dental professional, head to the emergency room of a big hospital. If you broke your teeth, remember to clean any pieces and put them in a container to bring to the ER. If you don’t think you need to head to the ER immediately, at least call and book an urgent appointment with your dentist.

    While you are booking, explain what happened and what you believe did the damage. That way, the staff can quickly be brought up to speed with the situation and assess what to do. Once that is done, follow their instructions.


    Now that you know what to do during a dental emergency, you will be able to quickly take the right action to have your teeth cared for. In any case, try your best to contact the dentist quickly. They will be able to listen to what happened and offer the right course of action to save your teeth and mouth from permanent damage.

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