4 Tips to Improve Your Dental Health While at Home

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    Get a beautiful smile at home with the help of Golsen Family Dentistry at-home tips. 

    Wanting to get a perfect smile at home can be hard, but when you have the right advice from the right professionals you will achieve it successfully.

    During tough times, such as the one we’re currently going through, it can be difficult to visit your dentist. However, if you follow these 4 steps the Golsen Family Dentistry has researched for you, your dental health won’t change during the quarantine:


    1. Always Brush Your Teeth

    Everyone knows the importance of brushing your teeth but most don’t do it often.

    We have been told to brush at least three times a day our teeth, but the average adult only does it once or twice. It’s important you make sure you clear out food particles, so plaque won’t grow in your teeth. 

    The recommended time to brush your teeth (at least) is after breakfast, and before you go to bed, but you can always add more times in between.

    2. Start Flossing

    Many teens and adults don’t floss, which has really opened our eyes to the dangers that can crawl into your teeth.

    It’s crucial for you to floss after you have eaten a meal to make sure you get rid of any pieces of food that were left there. Also, it improves gum health and reduces inflammation. 

    3. Cut Down Your Sugar Intake

    Sugar is an enemy for pearly white teeth. It’s very common if you are binging on more sugar during this quarantine. However, it’s important you know the dangers that sugar can do to your denture. Sugar leads to cavities easily, so it’s better to keep your sugar intake measured. 

    4. Add Fruits and Vegetables to your Diet

    Adding more fruits and vegetables can create a huge difference in your teeth. Fruits and vegetables contain important nutrients and vitamins that help with teeth health and overall have many benefits.