4 Tips To Avoid Getting Cavities While At Home

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    The quarantine can drive everyone to start snacking and eating junk food more than usual. 

    Getting cavities, especially in quarantine, can be extremely dangerous and easy since everyone is taking less care of themselves. For this reason, it’s important you are at least taking some preventive measures to ensure proper dental hygiene for yourself and your loved ones.

    Protect your family and loved ones with the help of Golsen Family Dentistry’s quarantine tips.  


    1. Brush Your Teeth Regularly

    Almost everyone is tired of hearing “brush your teeth” all the time. However, most adults and teens don’t put enough importance on brushing your teeth frequently. Some people only brush their teeth twice but it’s important to brush your teeth from 3 to 5 times a day to make sure no food residue is left in your mouth. 

    2. Add Mouthwash In Your Routine

    Mouthwash is another hygiene habit that should be in everyone’s routine. Not only does it leave your breath minty and healthy, but it adds protection to your tooth decay.

    There’s really no reason why you should not use mouthwash. Find the one that fits best for you and make sure it has fluoride to protect your teeth. 

    3. Change Your Diet

    Cavities can commonly be the cause of unhealthy eating habits.

    Finding foods that are good and that provide the nutrients and vitamins your teeth need is what will keep cavities away from your teeth. Some of these foods are cheese, fresh fruit and vegetables, sugar-free gum, and more.

    Try leaving sweets and junk food out of your diet to protect yourself as much as possible. 

    4. Floss Your Teeth

    It’s crazy to think about how many people don’t floss their teeth regularly. If you are not using floss before you brush your teeth, you need to start introducing this habit into your daily routine to save yourself from cavities.