The Ultimate Guide to Tackling Yellow Teeth

    yellow teeth
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    Do you crave white teeth and a dazzling smile?

    You’re not alone! Having whiter teeth is one of the most common cosmetic desires, along with clear skin and a smaller waist.

    Having white teeth is attractive because it is associated with good health. Your dental health plays a crucial role in the health of your heart. Therefore whitening the teeth through good dental hygiene is actually good for your whole body.

    Let’s look at 4 steps to get rid of yellow teeth.

    1. Cut Out Foods that Stain Teeth

    Having fabulous teeth comes at a bit of a price.

    Red wine, coffee, blueberries, and beets are all known to stain your teeth. If you want a set of pearly whites it could be best to avoid these foods altogether.

    Eating an overall healthy diet will reduce plaque build up on the teeth. A general rule is that foods that are good for your overall health will be good for your teeth.

    2. Brush Your Teeth Well

    Brushing your teeth can sometimes feel like an annoying chore at the end of a long day.

    However, brushing your teeth well is imperative to eliminating yellow teeth.

    It’s important to brush your teeth at least twice a day for a full two minutes each time. Make sure you’re brushing every surface of the tooth. Don’t simply brush the part that people can see and then call it a day. You should be brushing the bottom, sides, and backs of all your teeth.

    Brush in a circular motion and be sure to go along the gum line.

    If you get bored easily and can’t stand to just stand there for two minutes, try adding in squats while your brush.

    Your leg muscles and your teeth will thank you for putting in that extra effort.

    3. Use Whitening Trays

    Whitening trays will help brighten up your smile by bleaching the surface of your teeth.

    Keep in mind that this is just a cosmetic fix and doesn’t do anything as far as cleaning your teeth.

    Whitening trays will typically take 5-7 days before you notice any difference so be sure to start them ahead of any big occasion that you want whiter teeth for.

    4. Use Tooth Whitening Products

    There is no shortage of teeth whitening products on the market.

    You can buy special toothpaste that has whitening capabilities as well as mouthwash.

    Always follow a set dental routine of brushing, flossing, then mouthwash. If you keep this up every day while using whitening products you’ll notice a difference in no time.

    Follow These Tips to Eliminate Yellow Teeth

    If you follow these four tips you’ll be seeing a whiter smile within weeks.

    Proper dental care might seem like a hassle but once you get used to it you will crave the clean mouth feeling it gives you.

    Avoid high sugar foods and foods that are known to stain the teeth and if you do eat these foods be sure to brush right away.

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