Should I Have My Teeth Professionally Whitened? – What to Know

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    Do you hesitate to smile because of your discolored teeth? Do you find yourself putting your hand over your mouth when you speak because you are feeling self-conscious about your teeth? Most people will want to show off beautiful, white, natural-looking teeth. They’re usually an indicator of good oral health. A pearly white smile can not only make you look younger and healthier, but it can also boost your confidence and increase your self-esteem.

    Teeth can be stained or become yellowish due to inadequate brushing and flossing habits. Regularly drinking dark-colored beverages like coffee, red wine, or soda can accelerate the discoloration of your teeth. Smoking cigarettes can stain your teeth, as well. The severity of the stains depends on how often you clean your teeth by removing the build-up of residue from food or tobacco. 

    If you have been living with stained teeth, you might benefit from professional teeth whitening. If you haven’t had any whitening procedures and are thinking about whether they are right for you, here’s what you should know:

    Consult your dentist before undergoing any tooth whitening procedure

    Before you start using any whitening products, first visit your local dental practice. Your dentist will check for tooth decay or gum issues before you use any whitening or bleaching products on your teeth. If you have gum disease or exposed roots, using whitening products will cause pain and discomfort. Your dentist will also do a thorough cleaning of your teeth before whitening them. Having regular dental cleaning can also prevent the build-up of residue, which causes stains on teeth.

    Home tooth whitening has minimal effects

    There are many affordable home treatment strips or over the counter gels available that you can use to lighten your teeth yourself, this will take two to four weeks of applying treatment each day before you see results. Also, these contain only low doses of bleaching agent thus only treating mild stains and producing minimal effects.

    Professional whitening is fast and easy

    Depending on the level of discoloration, most professional whitening procedures can be done in a few hours. Results are immediately visible and the effects can last months or years with proper care. 

    Teeth whitening won’t make them fluorescent white

    Contrary to popular belief, there is no uniform shade or color of white for professionally bleached teeth. Natural white teeth are slightly off-white. Having a professional whiten your teeth can help you achieve a genuine-looking set as opposed to looking like you have artificial teeth or had veneers added. 

    Whitening your teeth can keep them healthier

    Aside from removing stains, your dentist may recommend whitening to help kill bacteria that cause tooth and gum disease. Immediately after a teeth whitening procedure, you will not be allowed to drink coffee, soda, or other dark-colored drinks for a few days to let the bleach to take full effect. Afterward, you will need to pay extra attention to keeping your teeth clean. People who have undergone bleaching treatment tend to be more conscious of the food and drinks they consume since they want to avoid re-staining their teeth.

    Key Take Away

    Years of neglect and improper oral hygiene can damage your teeth and make you feel embarrassed to smile or speak in public. Whitening your teeth can reverse these effects and take years off your appearance, giving you a great reason to flash your smile.

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