Fantastic Teeth Whitening In Alpharetta, Ga

    Our smile is usually the first thing other people notice about us. During a survey people were asked about what they would change about their smile, the most common answer was “whiter teeth.” In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists found that almost 90% of patients asked for tooth whitening.

    If you are thinking about getting a teeth whitening service in Alpharetta, you can rely on the experience and specialty of Golsen Family Dentistry.


    Top 5 Reasons for Teeth Color Change

    There are multiple reasons why teeth may change color. And it is important to know the reason to decide if whitening is really an option for you.

    1. Food and drinks

    Some beverages are major causes of stains. Some drinks like sodas carry an intense color pigment called chromogens that attach to the white part of your tooth.

    1. Smoking

    Tobacco has two chemicals that cause persistent stains: tar and nicotine. Both of them stain your teeth, as tar is naturally dark and nicotine becomes yellowish when it mixes with oxygen.

    1. Age

    Our teeth are like a hard white shell, but beneath it there is a softer part called Dentin, which is a yellow color. With time, the shell gets thinner due to brushing and usage, and more of this yellow-ish dentin shows.

    1. Trauma

    If you’ve ever been hit in your mouth, whether it was an accident playing sports or just tripping while walking on a wet surface, this trauma can cause the teeth to generate more dentine which is darker than the white enamel.

    1. Medications

    There are certain medications, such as antibiotics, antihistamines, antipsychotics, and hypertension medication. Which may have a side effect of tooth darkening.

    Trust Your Teeth to Golsen Family Dentistry

    For any of these reasons there is a different way to whiten your teeth if you know the reason, but do not know what treatment you need. You can trust in Golsen Family Dentistry to take care of you and bring back the shine to your smile. Give us a call and set an appointment.