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    If you have been experiencing pain in your mouth due to tooth infection or inflammation, you will need a root canal treatment. At Golsen Family Dentistry, we offer root canal treatments in Alpharetta, GA. We guarantee to relieve you from the pain you have been feeling, and through the treatment will protect your mouth from any possible further damage. 


    What Is A Root Canal?

     A root canal treatment is necessary to repair and save a tooth that has decayed or became infected. The procedure is delicate because the nerve and pulp are removed from inside the tooth. Then the tooth is cleaned and sealed. Without the treatment, the tissue around the tooth could become infected, and many complications would arise.

    When Do You Need A Root Canal?

    Patients usually find themselves in need of a root canal when they notice sensitivity in their teeth, have a deep cavity, or cracked tooth. Sometimes trauma from car accidents, trips, or injuries result in root canal treatments as well. However, other symptoms could indicate the need for a root canal. 

    Symptoms include:

    • Pain when biting or chewing
    • Chipped tooth
    • Pimples on gums
    • Extreme sensitivity
    • Swollen gums
    • Decay or darkening of the gums

    If you are experiencing any of the listed symptoms, you should get an evaluation at Golsen Family Dentistry in Alpharetta to determine the best course of action. Our experienced dentists can help you, and we only offer the latest technology to guarantee optimal results.

    Root Canal Recovery

    After a root canal treatment, you will experience numbness for about 2 to 4 hours after the process is completed. Our patients can resume their daily activities directly after the procedure. Still, it is recommended that you restrain from eating until any numbness has vanished.

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    If you need a root canal treatment, we can help you. You no longer have to experience pain or any discomfort. Our team at Golsen Dentistry in Alpharetta is looking forward to helping you with all your dental needs.