Professional General Dentistry In Alpharetta, GaTittle

    When it comes to general dentistry, you may hear many services, and this can confuse you to know what exactly you need. We at Golsen Family Dentistry, we make sure you understand every option you have and we’ll propose to you what is best for your situation.

    We want to help you through the whole process. If you think you need general dentistry services and you are located in Alpharetta, GA, give us a call to set an appointment and let us take care of everything.


    General Dentistry Services

    General dentistry focuses on prevention. Some problems or diseases can be detected in its early stages to prevent them from growing, spreading, and causing even more damage. We have a variety of services focused on preventing disease in your teeth.

    Gentle Dentistry

    Our gentle dentistry practice is what makes us different. For most people going to the dentist can be a scary uncomfortable experience, but we make sure that does not happen here. We pamper you with comfortable chairs, headphones and TV’s in the ceiling and even warm neck pillows. You won’t even notice the dental procedure. 

    Preventive Periodontal Therapy

    Most people have to deal with periodontal diseases, which are responsible for tooth loss, bad breath, and receding gum lines. The good thing is these problems are easy to prevent: it only takes proper maintenance, meaning good hygiene and regular professional checkups. We want to help you keep your smile healthy and beautiful. 

    Dental Cleanings

    This is the most common way to maintain your mouth healthy. We recommend brushing your teeth, flossing and using mouthwash. But the basic procedure you should take twice a year or every 6 months is a deep cleaning. This is especially important to keep your gums and smile healthy.

    Dental Fillings

    Your teeth may suffer decay for several reasons, including misuse (nail-biting or tooth grinding). This decay can lead to fractures and cracks on your teeth causing sensitivity and pain sometimes. Our procedure helps restore damaged areas on your teeth protecting it for further damage.

    A Service For All Your Needs

    As you can see, every service has a focus, but all of them lead to a healthy beautiful smile. We at Golsen Family Dentistry believe that prevention is the key to avoid big problems in your mouth. If you think you require general dentistry services in Alpharetta. Don’t think twice and give us a call.