Detailed Cosmetic Dentistry In Alpharetta, Ga

    Your teeth may be healthy; you may not feel any pain while eating or sensitivity while drinking cold or hot beverages, but there is still something missing for you. Maybe some of your teeth are not aligned or maybe they are not as white as you would like.

    For every single one of those “missing things,” we have an answer and a solution. If you live in Alpharetta, contact Golsen Family Dentistry, and get the most out of your smile.


    Cosmetic Dentistry Services

    The goal of our cosmetic dentistry in Alpharetta is to make you feel great about your smile, so your smile is not only healthy but it looks healthy too. Here are a few ways to get the teeth you want.

    1. Teeth Whitening

    This is one of the most common services in Cosmetic Dentistry, it gives you immediate results, improving the appearance of your teeth. We can do these procedures in our clinic or at your home for your comfort.

    1. Invisalign

    The modern approach for straightening teeth, braces is a thing of the past, this is the invisible way to do it. Invisalign uses custom-made aligners to align your teeth without anyone noticing it.

    1. Veneers

    At Golsen Family Dentistry this is one of the most popular services, this is porcelain pieces, carefully made and detailed, once they are bonded to your teeth are strong and have a naturally beautiful look.

    1. Gum contouring

    For several reasons, some people have fewer teeth exposure because gum covers a big part of it, and even though this doesn’t affect the patient’s health, it might not look good. That’s why we offer a procedure with a diode laser for treating soft-tissue, to expose a little bit more tooth and improve your appearance.

    Trust Us With Your Smile

    If you’re looking for cosmetic dentists in Alpharetta, don’t hesitate and contact us to set an appointment. We will take time to explain in detail and recommend the right procedure to you. Trust your smile to us.