Perhaps one of the greatest breakthroughs in cosmetic dentistry, veneers can be used to correct a number of cosmetic issues. Veneers are essentially thin, porcelain covers for your teeth that are made to look like beautiful, natural teeth. Their purpose is to hide any imperfections your teeth may have, leaving you with a beautiful smile.

    What are the benefits of veneers?

    The biggest benefits of dental veneers are their versatility and natural look. With veneers, we are able to mask a myriad of cosmetic dental problems with custom made pieces to give the patient a natural looking smile. The most common issues we use veneers to correct are discoloration of the teeth, teeth with chips or cracks, teeth that are beginning to wear down, uneven teeth, and gaps in the teeth. All of these problems can be addressed by placing a single veneer or several veneers on the surface of your teeth depending on the patient.

    With proper dental care, veneers offer a long term fix for your cosmetic dental problems and offer a smile makeover! When properly maintained with at home dental care and regular cleanings, veneers last several years. Veneers are also resistant to the stains and discolorations your natural teeth are susceptible to. Not only will you have a straight, even smile for years to come, you also won’t have to worry about your smile becoming discolored. Our patients highly recommend dental veneers!

    What types of veneers does Golsen Family Dentistry offer?

    Porcelain veneers are a versatile way to correct the appearance of discolored, worn down, and damaged teeth. They can also be used to cover gaps in between the teeth. To place porcelain veneers, the dentist has to first prep the teeth for placement. This is done by shaving down the enamel as little as possible. For teeth with more extensive wear or damage, the dentist may need to remove more of the enamel. However, we will always try to save as much of the enamel as possible. Once the teeth are prepped, the porcelain veneers are bonded directly to the teeth.

    Prepless veneers by DURAthin are another type of porcelain veneers procedure we offer at Golsen Family Dentistry. This type of thin veneer can be placed without drilling down the healthy enamel of your teeth. Once bonded to the teeth, they give the same aesthetic results as porcelain veneers. DURAthin veneers are a great option for patients with generally healthy teeth that are looking for a smile “facelift.” We can correct gaps in the teeth, discoloration of the teeth and provide the patient with an overall more attractive smile.


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