Is Invisalign Worth It? The 4 Greatest Benefits of Invisalign to Consider

    benefits of invisalign
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    Did you know that around 4.5 million people in the United States wear braces? It’s true, and most of those people wear the traditional metal braces that have been around since the 18th and 19th centuries.

    There are new straightening options available like Invisalign aligners for those who need orthodontic assistance.

    Here are the 4 greatest benefits of Invisalign to consider.

    1. You Can Remove Invisalign When Convenient

    One of the top benefits from using Invisalign to straighten your teeth is that you’re able to take them out. Traditional braces stay on the teeth for the entire length of time that you’re fixing your smile.

    This can become problematic because it dictates what types of food you can and can’t eat. You’re able to take out your aligners when you eat so that you can have all the crunchy foods that you desire.

    Another plus is that you can remove Invisalign when you go to brush your teeth. Traditional braces require you to invest in special tools to clean around the brackets. All you need to do is brush your teeth as normal and then brush the aligners as well to clean them.

    2. Potential Length of Treatment

    It’s not unusual for someone with traditional metal braces to experience having to take two, three, or even four years to completely finish their treatment.

    You can expect your Invisalign aligners to take around one to two years for you to get your final smile. That’s less money that you have to spend on hardware and follow up appointments.

    3. There’s Less Pain Than Traditional Braces

    A common issue that people have when they wear traditional braces is that they can cause pain. This is because the metal material and the wires tend to cut the inside of your cheeks and can also irritate the gums.

    Invisalign is completely smooth plastic, so it doesn’t cause that pain and discomfort like metal does. You’ll feel the slight discomfort of your teeth adjusting into a straighter smile, but your cheeks and gums won’t get cut up.

    This makes aligners a comfortable option for those worrying about any potential pain while straightening their teeth.

    4. One of the Benefits of Invisalign Is that They’re Clear

    Invisalign is a clear material that practically disappears when you’re wearing them. Normal metal braces are very clearly visible because of the color and the way they stick out from the tooth.

    The new Invisalign option for straightening teeth is for everyone but is especially nice for adults who don’t want the adolescent look of metal braces in their mouth.

    Unless someone is staring at your teeth, the liners are hard to notice. This can definitely increase your self-confidence.

    The Best of Both Worlds

    The benefits of Invisalign make it the best of both worlds. You’re able to know that you’re working on perfecting your smile, while still being able to show off your uninhibited smile.

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