How to Floss Your Teeth Correctly Every Time

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    If you’re like most people, you give lots of attention to your pearly whites. But not enough attention is given to what really counts – your gums. Without healthy gums, your beautiful teeth are at risk of falling out.

    Periodontitis affects about 47.2% of the American adult population. This ranges from mild to severe periodontitis, and some have more advanced cases of periodontal disease.

    So unless you want to become a part of this growing population, you need to learn how to properly floss your gums.

    Now, let’s review the proper techniques, so you’ll know how to floss your teeth correctly.

    How to Floss Your Teeth

    Learning how to floss your teeth isn’t hard at all. You can use the following method with basic floss found at your local pharmacy or supermarket.

    Make sure to wash your hands beforehand, since your fingers will come into contact with your mouth.

    1. Wind the Floss

    The first step is to take 18 inches of floss and wind it around your middle or index fingers. You may find the middle finger to be a better option, so it will allow your index finger to manipulate the floss as needed.

    Eighteen inches of floss may seem a bit much, but it allows enough space to use segments to clean each tooth. Grab the floss with your thumbs and index fingers, leaving between one and two inches of space between.

    Your thumbs will guide the floss in between your upper teeth.

    2. Guide the Floss

    Hold the floss taut between your fingers. Now, take your index fingers and use them to guide the floss.

    3. Glide the Floss

    Next, you need to gently guide the floss using a zig-zag motion as you’re going between the teeth. Avoid allowing the floss to pop or snap between your teeth.

    Instead, make a C shape with the floss, going over the contour of your teeth. It should wrap around each tooth while flossing.

    4. Slide the Floss

    Last, you need to slide the floss up and down against the side of your teeth beneath your gum line. It’s also essential to floss the backside of your teeth.

    Also, make sure you’re unrolling a fresh section of the floss as you move from tooth to tooth. This way, you’re not spreading the gunk and germs collected from the last tooth.

    Types of Dental Floss

    It doesn’t really matter what type of dental floss you choose to use. This method will work with dental tape, waxed, unwaxed and spongy floss.

    So it’s not about the product – it’s all in the technique used. Once you understand how to floss your teeth, the type of floss you choose will come down to your own personal preference.

    Some of your other options include a hand-held flosser and an electric flosser.

    Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

    While flossing daily is important for your oral hygiene, it’s important to make regular trips to the dentist. This way, you can ensure you’re doing a good job and no underlying problems are forming.

    You should think of your teeth like a car – regular maintenance is needed to keep them in good condition. At Golsen Family Dentistry, we offer a variety of dental services. This includes teeth whitening, gum contouring, dental veneers, Invisalign, dental implants, teeth color restorations and more.

    If you need your teeth examined, restored or corrected, then give us a call today!