What Food to Eat (and Avoid) After a Teeth Whitening Procedure

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    Teeth whitening can transform your life in several ways. It increases self-confidence, which can boost your work performance and improve your business. It also gives Purge SG Cacheyou a bright smile and a healthy appearance, which helps you stand out.

    Unfortunately, you can lose these benefits if you eat the wrong foods after a procedure. That’s because whitening teeth opens up the enamel pores for the bleaching agent to work. As such, the teeth will likely get stains afresh if you are not careful.

    Keep reading to learn the right foods to eat after a teeth whitening procedure.


    Foods You Should Eat After Teeth Whitening

    In 2017, more than 127 million adults in America went to see the dentist. While most of the issues were about dental caries, others dealt with making teeth whiter. They probably believed it was going to be a big boost to their appearance.

    The techniques for tackling yellow teeth include brushing well and using whitening trays. There are also whitening products you can use, such as mouthwashes. Yet, one of the key tips is to cut out foods that stain the teeth.

    You should eat from a white diet food list for about two days. Here are the foods you should consider:

    1. Drinks

    In a perfect world, the only drink you’d want to take after a dental procedure is water. It hydrates your mouth and keeps enamel-destroying acids at bay. But since people may desire something else, there are other safe options available.

    These include coconut and tonic water, clear soda, and milk. If you want an alcoholic beverage, consider vodka or white wine.

    2. Breakfast

    For breakfast, go for milk and white yogurt. Eat bananas, white bread, pancakes, and scrambled egg whites. Make sure anything you take – including juice – does not have colors.

    3. Lunch and Dinner

    Eating after teeth whitening is easy once you discover the many options you can choose.

    Try white foods such as chicken, rice, pasta, mashed potatoes, and white fish. Choose things like risotto, white beans, turkey, or cheese sandwiches. If it’s a bread sandwich, make sure it’s white bread without the crusts.

    4. Dessert

    For dessert, you can try vanilla ice cream or yogurt. Perhaps the best choice is to avoid dessert altogether due to the sugar content.

    Foods to Avoid After a Whitening Procedure

    With this white-diet approach, you already have an idea which foods you should avoid. Yet, you should also avoid lifestyle behaviors such as smoking or chewing tobacco.

    Avoid foods like berries, fruits, and red meat. Don’t drink colored juices, sodas, coffee, tea, soups, or marinades. Try to steer clear of frozen foods as well since your teeth may still be sensitive after the procedure.

    Steer clear of spinach, carrots, tomato sauce, and dark chocolate as well.

    Learn More About Cosmetic Dental Care

    You now have the answers to the question, “What can I eat after teeth whitening?” Continue your daily practice of brushing and flossing to maintain the whiteness. Moreover, don’t forget to go for routine dentist visits to ensure the health of your teeth.

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