Don’t Let Braces Get in the Way of Having White Teeth: Your Guide to Having a Pearly Smile, Even With Braces

    how to whiten teeth with braces on
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    For many years, people have worn braces to correct out of the place teeth or a misaligned jaw. Today, 4 million Americans wear braces. Out of the 4 million Americans, 25% are adults. While braces help to correct dental problems, they can cramp your self-confidence.

    When teeth are covered with metal or acrylic overlays, they don’t look attractive. Even when designed to match your natural teeth, they still don’t look beautiful. When you have braces on, you still have to maintain high standards of oral hygiene.

    Want to know how to whiten teeth with braces on? Depending on your braces, you can still brighten your teeth.

    In this post, we discuss how to whiten teeth with braces on.

    Chairside Bleaching

    Also referred to as in-office bleaching, the patient makes one or two office visits. At the dentist’s office, a strong bleaching agent is applied. The bleaching agent is hydrogen peroxide. A special light helps to speed up the bleaching effect.

    The chairside method can achieve better results if done after the braces are taken off. If your braces are on the back of your teeth, then the bleaching will still work out fine.

    Using Whitening Toothpaste

    The best toothpaste to whiten teeth is Colgate Total Advanced Whitening. Enamel-strengthening fluoride together with polishing agents are the active ingredients in whitening toothpaste. As such, the toothpaste helps to whiten teeth with braces as well as remove stains. Unlike other products, whitening toothpaste does not change the color of your teeth.

    It only removes the stains and does not affect the enamel. Whitening toothpaste does not need a special application procedure like chairside bleaching. Using the toothpaste with braces on can take time to learn but the end result is amazing.

    Home Teeth Whitening

    Want to know how to whiten teeth with braces on at home?

    If you have lingual braces, you can whiten your teeth at home using bleaching gel. The bleaching gel is placed in a tray shaped like an athletic mouthguard. It contains peroxide which helps to bleach the teeth and remove stains.

    For those with orthodontic brackets, teeth whitening cannot begin without removing the brackets. A custom tray provides space for both the gel and the brackets. The brackets are also removed before application of the gel to avoid dislodging them.

    Patients have complained of mild side effects after teeth whitening at home. Such side effects include gum irritation or teeth sensitivity.

    How to Whiten Teeth with Braces on like a Pro

    Braces can help to correct different dental problems. For starters, they can help to remedy overcrowding. This reduces the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. They also help to correct an overbite giving you more self-confidence.

    Learning how to whiten teeth with braces on, can remove signs of yellowing and brighten your smile. If you want to prevent the yellow squares on your teeth once braces have been removed, visit your dentist. You can also buy teeth whitening toothpaste or use a bleaching agent at home.

    Remember, to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, brush and floss your teeth after every meal.

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