Debunking Several Misconceptions About Dental Braces

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    The dilemma of having braces and keeping your teeth white may be something you are currently thinking about. Maybe you haven’t been to your family dentist in a long time; maybe they just told you that you need braces, but you have your reservations.

    So what should you do? Well, you should learn more about braces and its effects on your teeth. 

    This article is here to help you brighten and straighten your smile by giving you a better understanding of braces and the basics of dental care treatment. The goal is to orient you on the different misconceptions about braces and what you can do to keep your teeth healthy. One day, you may look back at this article and thank the lucky stars that you can now smile confidently! 

    1. If you have a crooked smile, expect to have braces installed

    This is one of the most common misconceptions about braces out there; that they are necessary for all people with a visually crooked smile. This is, however, not the case, and you need to be careful about it. That is because braces may straighten your teeth, but not all kinds of teeth need to be straightened. In fact, your family dentist may even advise against it. 

    Braces are not something you can instantly see as a need for yourself. Your family dentist will have to consider two things: the internal structure of your teeth and its durability. There are cases that your teeth may improve if you wear braces. However, you can also strain your jaw and have misaligned teeth in the long run if you don’t need them.

    Consult with professional dentists and be careful if they suddenly ask you to get braces without proper justification or a second opinion (yes, there are dentists who insist on braces installment because it can simply mean making a quick buck). 

    2. Braces stain your teeth so they’re not worth it!

    Another common misconception is that wearing braces can stain your teeth over time. This is due to the thin gap between the braces and your teeth, and most drinks like coffee or juice can seep inside and leave hard-to-remove strains.

    So what’s wrong with this misconception? It’s just a ploy to get people to buy teeth whitening products like toothpaste or charcoal powder. 

    Most dentists are professionals and have accounted for your dental health even before the braces are installed. They make sure that your teeth won’t be damaged by stains over time, and they can also prescribe you with dental products that can remove those pesky stains in your braces. The secret to whiter teeth, even as you wear the braces, is simply informed dental care treatment and proper hygiene.

    3. Want whiter teeth while wearing braces? Buy this teeth whitening toothpaste! 

    This misconception is connected to the previous one, as it is also the reason why even those who don’t wear braces fall victim to teeth whitening products. What’s worse is these kinds of sellers use fear-mongering tactics to get you to buy these products, even when they only temporarily whiten your teeth. In fact, the products can even damage your teeth due to intense brush strokes or chemicals that are not safe to brush with. 

    So how exactly can you keep your teeth white while you wear braces?

    Again, it’s proper dental care treatment and prescribed whitening products. Dentists can give you truly effective teeth whitening products that can even help keep them nice and strong. Additionally, they can even prescribe you painkillers if you feel hurt by the braces tightening.


    Now that you have some idea about braces, maybe it’s high time that you go see your family dentist again and seek the appropriate dental care treatment. After all, they are your most trusted source of truths about your teeth, compared to the baseless claims listed above. Consider these tips and talk about braces with them! 

    Hoping to have your teeth whitened or straightened with braces? We can provide you with the best dental treatment in Alpharetta. Show us your smile!