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    coffee stained teeth

    Coffee Stained Teeth: A Tooth Survival Guide for Coffee Addicts

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    When it’s time to say cheese and flash your smile, are you worried about discolored teeth making their way into the photo? If your diet centers around coffee, then you’ve probably noticed your smile isn’t quite as white as it used to be. As a coffee lover, you’re not alone. Research shows over 64% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee per day. This is the highest-known rate our country has ever reported. While it’s fine that Americans love caffeinated beverages, it’s crucial to protect your smile. Coffee stained teeth discolor your pearly whites and lower your self-confidence. The good news is you can prevent your coffee-infused lifestyle from damaging your oral hygiene. At-home remedies, in addition to dental services, can restore color and help you feel better about your smile. Why Does Coffee Stain Our Teeth? Coffee is has a high acidic level and contains tannins that cause tooth discoloration. Our teeth have a protective layer of enamel. This hard coating is covered in microscopic gaps. Occasionally, food and drink (like coffee) get stuck in the gaps and form stains. The longer you let the stain sit and the more coffee you drink, the less white your…

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    dental floss

    Why You Should be Incorporating Dental Floss into Your Routine

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    When you go to the dentist and the dentist asks you how often you use dental floss, what do you say? Do you fib and answer that you floss every day, or do you tell the honest truth? If you answer honestly that you don’t always floss every day, you’re not alone. In fact, over 37 percent of Americans also admit to not flossing every day! And when they do floss, they have some unusual techniques, to say the least. When is the last time you flossed your teeth using a safety pin? Why is it so important to floss, anyway? In this post, we’ll give you the rundown on why flossing should be an essential component of your daily routine. Let’s get into it! Your Toothbrush Can’t Get Every Spot While you might be convinced that your toothbrush is all you need to maintain proper oral hygiene, that’s not the case. You know that your toothbrush can’t get to every spot in your mouth, so stop living in denial! If you want to keep your teeth top notch, using dental floss on a regular basis is the best way to get rid of any lingering plaque or tiny food…

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    how to whiten teeth with braces on

    Don’t Let Braces Get in the Way of Having White Teeth: Your Guide to Having a Pearly Smile, Even With Braces

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    For many years, people have worn braces to correct out of the place teeth or a misaligned jaw. Today, 4 million Americans wear braces. Out of the 4 million Americans, 25% are adults. While braces help to correct dental problems, they can cramp your self-confidence. When teeth are covered with metal or acrylic overlays, they don’t look attractive. Even when designed to match your natural teeth, they still don’t look beautiful. When you have braces on, you still have to maintain high standards of oral hygiene. Want to know how to whiten teeth with braces on? Depending on your braces, you can still brighten your teeth. In this post, we discuss how to whiten teeth with braces on. Chairside Bleaching Also referred to as in-office bleaching, the patient makes one or two office visits. At the dentist’s office, a strong bleaching agent is applied. The bleaching agent is hydrogen peroxide. A special light helps to speed up the bleaching effect. The chairside method can achieve better results if done after the braces are taken off. If your braces are on the back of your teeth, then the bleaching will still work out fine. Using Whitening Toothpaste The best toothpaste to…

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    Veneers: Not Just a Hollywood Thing! They’re the Secret to a Perfect Smile

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    You’re scrolling through your Instagram feed. As you continue scrolling, you start to notice how many of your favorite stars have perfect teeth. What’s their secret to getting their teeth so pearly white? It’s all thanks to veneers, an easy, safe, and affordable type of cosmetic dentistry that can transform your smile. Some of your favorite stars, from Tom Cruise to Catherine Zeta-Jones have veneers. But veneers aren’t just for Hollywood darlings — they can improve your smile, too! Keep reading to learn more about veneers, who they’re for, and what you need to ask your doctor before considering getting them. What Are Veneers? It’s a common misconception that veneers are like crowns or dental implants. However, they’re quite different. For instance, those other procedures are often intended to restore rotting or damaged teeth. Veneers, on the other hand, are porcelain caps that improve the aesthetics of your smile by going over the front of your natural teeth. Some dentists may also use veneers to cover gaps between teeth. Who Should Consider Veneers? Porcelain caps may be a great choice for Hollywood celebrities who spend much of their life posing on the red carpet. But it’s just as viable for…

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    how long do veneers last

    Your Cosmetic Dentist: How Long Do Veneers Last?

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    Would you like to know the secret to those perfect celebrity smiles? They have porcelain veneers. Hundreds of thousands of people have opted for veneers to improve their smiles, and that number is growing every year. As cosmetic dentistry advances, veneers look more natural and are more durable than ever before. But how long do veneers last? Are they a permanent solution for a better smile? In this post, we’ll answer those questions and more. Read on! How Long Do Veneers Last? The short answer is around 10-15 years. After that, most veneers need to be replaced with new ones. Why? Like natural teeth, dental veneers are subject to damage. Over time, they can be broken, chipped, cracked, or discolored. Of course, with advances in dentistry come veneers that are better and stronger than ever before. With proper care, you may be able to extend the life of your veneers to 20 or even 30 years. Tips for Making Veneers Last To protect your investment–and your smile–here are a few things to do to make your veneers last longer. 1. Maintain an Excellent Oral Care Routine Your teeth will suffer if you don’t take care of them, and so will your veneers.…

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    best way to whiten teeth

    Sparkling White: What’s the Best Way to Whiten Teeth Safely?

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    In our image-obsessed society, whiter teeth are a must. In fact, the global teeth-whitening market is set to be worth US$3.78 billion by 2021.  While many people opt for professional whitening services, others look to alternative options in their search for the best way to whiten teeth. But, home remedies like baking soda can damage teeth enamel, while whitening strips are often ineffective.  Here are some of the best ways to remove teeth stains and whiten your teeth safely.  In-Office Whitening Treatment If you’re looking for the quickest way to whiten your teeth, an in-office teeth whitening treatment is the way to go.  One such in-office whitening method is Zoom!, which uses a concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel combined with a special light accelerator. Zoom! offers the most immediate and dramatic results, with a smile up to eight shades whiter in under an hour.  At-Home Whitening Treatment For more effective, gradual whitening, an individualized teeth-whitening kit is a sure-fire way to a brighter smile.  Your dentist will fit you with custom-made trays that you’ll use at home with a whitening gel for whiter teeth within two weeks. This option also allows you to fine-tune the number of applications for the whitest smile possible. Activated Charcoal Activated charcoal binds is a popular ingredient in whitening treatments due to the…

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    benefits of invisalign

    Is Invisalign Worth It? The 4 Greatest Benefits of Invisalign to Consider

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    Did you know that around 4.5 million people in the United States wear braces? It’s true, and most of those people wear the traditional metal braces that have been around since the 18th and 19th centuries. There are new straightening options available like Invisalign aligners for those who need orthodontic assistance. Here are the 4 greatest benefits of Invisalign to consider. 1. You Can Remove Invisalign When Convenient One of the top benefits from using Invisalign to straighten your teeth is that you’re able to take them out. Traditional braces stay on the teeth for the entire length of time that you’re fixing your smile. This can become problematic because it dictates what types of food you can and can’t eat. You’re able to take out your aligners when you eat so that you can have all the crunchy foods that you desire. Another plus is that you can remove Invisalign when you go to brush your teeth. Traditional braces require you to invest in special tools to clean around the brackets. All you need to do is brush your teeth as normal and then brush the aligners as well to clean them. 2. Potential Length of Treatment It’s not unusual…

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    porcelain veneers

    Top 3 Tips for Caring for Your Porcelain Veneers

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    Are you among the 1/3 of adults in America who feel insecure about their teeth and smile? If so, then it’s likely you’ve thought about getting porcelain veneers. For those who want perfect teeth and a brighter, more captivating smile, veneers seem like the logical choice. Of course, to make the cost of veneers worth it, you need to make sure you know how to properly care for your new smile. This post is here to help you make sure your new veneers look just as good in the future as they do now. Keep reading to learn more! 1. Understand Proper Brushing Techniques Once you get your porcelain veneers, it’s important to properly brush them. First, standard rules of brushing and flossing twice a day apply. But when you choose your toothpaste, make it a point to avoid those containing baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. These ingredients can erode the surface of your veneers. Remember you no longer need to buy whitening toothpaste. In most cases, going with a gel toothpaste option is your best bet. Additionally, make sure you’ve chosen the best and safest toothbrush for your veneers. Look for an option which has softer bristles to avoid…

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    porcelain laminate veneers

    5 Things You Were Wondering About Porcelain Laminate Veneers and the Answers

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    Dental veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures performed in the U.S. They can help conceal gaps between teeth, discoloration, chips, and other cosmetic flaws that can make a smile less than perfect. If you’ve been considering receiving porcelain laminate veneers you no doubt have questions about them. So let’s delve right into exactly what veneers are and the answers to the most common questions patients have about them. What are Porcelain Laminate Veneers? A porcelain veneer is essentially a ceramic shell custom shaped to look like the outer layer of a tooth that can be bonded onto teeth. They can change the shape, color, or size of a tooth and look completely natural. The veneer concept was conceived by pioneering Hollywood dentist Dr. Charles Pincus who would temporarily affix shells onto the teeth of film stars in the 1920s and ’30s to give them a better-looking smile. Veneers have since come a long way and are now made from porcelain or resin composite materials. 1. Do Veneers Hurt? Receiving veneers on your teeth is no more uncomfortable than having a filling or other dental work done. Your dentist will inject a local anesthetic to numb the…

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    teeth whitening alpharetta

    What Food to Eat (and Avoid) After a Teeth Whitening Procedure

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    Teeth whitening can transform your life in several ways. It increases self-confidence, which can boost your work performance and improve your business. It also gives you a bright smile and a healthy appearance, which helps you stand out. Unfortunately, you can lose these benefits if you eat the wrong foods after a procedure. That’s because whitening teeth opens up the enamel pores for the bleaching agent to work. As such, the teeth will likely get stains afresh if you are not careful. Keep reading to learn the right foods to eat after a teeth whitening procedure. Foods You Should Eat After Teeth Whitening In 2017, more than 127 million adults in America went to see the dentist. While most of the issues were about dental caries, others dealt with making teeth whiter. They probably believed it was going to be a big boost to their appearance. The techniques for tackling yellow teeth include brushing well and using whitening trays. There are also whitening products you can use, such as mouthwashes. Yet, one of the key tips is to cut out foods that stain the teeth. You should eat from a white diet food list for about two days. Here are…

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