dental care for kids

    Dental Care for Kids: How to Protect Their Teeth

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    When the baby’s milk teeth start to grow, many parents get confused about how to take care of them. The kids don’t know how to brush or floss; hence, the parents have a tough task ahead. Doing everything the right way is essential for hygiene purposes and the confidence of your kid. The secret to proper dental hygiene for your toddlers is to start as soon as possible. You can never start oral care too early. We take a look at some great advice for dental care for kids to help them have teeth that will last a lifetime. Teach them to Brush Brushing the teeth is the first among dental care tips that you can teach your children. Children do not know how to brush or floss with your guidance; they can learn under your supervision. Most kids don’t like brushing their teeth. You can train them by making the whole brushing process fun so that they will be looking forward to it. Buy them kid-friendly toothpaste with fluoride and a beautiful toothbrush for toddler’s teeth cleaning. Teach the kids simple brushing techniques and stick to a proper routine so that they can adapt to it. Don’t let brushing…

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    veneers vs. lumineers

    Veneers vs. Lumineers: What’s the Difference?

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    Is your smile sending the right message about you? More Millennials aren’t smiling for that reason–a recent study found that bad teeth hinder 28% of young people in their job search. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to be a Hollywood superstar to afford teeth that put your best foot (er, smile) forward. If you’re looking into cosmetic dentistry, veneers and Lumineers offer an easy solution to your smile self-esteem. But first, you have to know the difference between veneers vs. Lumineers to understand what you’re getting. Here’s what you need to know. What are Veneers? Veneers are often confused with crowns or dental implants, but they’re actually an entirely different animal. Crowns and dental implants are designed to cap or entirely replace a damaged tooth, but veneers, as the name implies, are more about appearance correction. Veneers are thin, custom-made shells bonded to the front of your teeth to hide flawed or damaged teeth. They’re designed to perfectly mimic the appearance of natural teeth while improving the aesthetics of your smile by making your teeth appear whiter, straighter, and more uniform. Veneers can be made of porcelain or resin. Either can mimic the light-reflecting properties of natural teeth,…

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    chipped tooth

    This Is Exactly What You Should Do If You Have a Chipped Tooth

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    You love dodgeball day in gym class. It’s your favorite day of the week until a ball goes flying at your face! On top of the stinging sensation and red mark on your cheek, you spit out a small chunk of your tooth. Teeth are strong, but it’s not unheard of for them to crack and break when you bite down on a hard piece of food or get injured playing a sport. The good news is that it won’t be hard for your dentist to fix your chipped tooth. Keep reading to find out what you should do in the situation of a chipped tooth and learn how your dentist in Alpharetta, GA can get your smile back on track. 1. What to Do While You Wait for Your Dental Appointment When you first crack your tooth, you’ll need to make a dentist appointment right away. The problem is that dentists can’t always see you the same day. You may have to wait a bit. There are some things that you can do in the meantime. When you chip your tooth, there will be jagged parts that can cut into your tongue and cheek. You can avoid this by…

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    how to floss your teeth with braces

    A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Floss Your Teeth With Braces

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    Anyone with braces knows that flossing with them can be a real pain. But oral hygiene is important for every person at any age, and braces have so many nooks and crannies for bacteria to hide, requiring you to do a thorough job of cleaning them. So if you aren’t sure how to floss your teeth with braces, know that you aren’t alone. Children and adults alike struggle with getting the gunk out of their teeth once and for all. In this article, we’ll teach you how with the right products and technique, you can easily floss with braces. Why You Must Learn How to Floss Your Teeth with Braces One of the biggest struggles about flossing with braces is getting to space underneath all of that wire. Our teeth are constantly exposed to acid and bacteria from the food and beverages we consume. You could brush and floss regularly but that is hardly enough to keep your teeth healthy. Braces provide more surfaces for bacteria to attach to and more spaces for food to get stuck in. It’s also a lot more time consuming to clean your teeth once you have braces. But if you don’t make the extra effort, you…

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    getting a cavity filled

    Everything You Should Know About Getting a Cavity Filled

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    Halloween candy seems like a great idea until your teeth start to ache. Your favorite chocolate bar or sweet treat could spell disaster for you or your little ones. Even if you’re brushing and flossing, you’re at risk. According to the CDC, more than 90% of adults in the U.S. have had a cavity. In fact, one in four people has untreated cavities. Whether you’re getting a cavity filled yourself or preparing a family member, it helps to know what to expect. Keep reading for our guide on the entire cavity filling process. With this guide, you’ll know how to recognize the decay and what to expect during the procedure. Prepare yourself and your loved ones with this guide. 1. How Decay Develops Improper brushing and flossing can leave food particles lodged in your teeth. In time, plaque will start to build as well. Sticky and sweet foods (including candies) can cling on even longer without the right oral hygiene. Leaving these particles will cause bacteria to accumulate. Then, toxins and acid will release, dissolving your tooth’s enamel. Enamel is the top layer of your tooth. With time, the toxins can break down the enamel and cause discoloration. You’ll start to notice your…

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    filling vs root canal

    Filling vs Root Canal: What’s the Difference Between These Procedures?

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    Ever met one of those people that’s never dealt with a cavity in their life? They seem so proud of themselves and their upbringing or technique. Truth is, they’ve dodged a very common occurrence. Surveys indicate that 92% of adults deal with dental caries (the technical term for cavity). Dental caries may impact nearly everyone, but they don’t do so in the same way each time. Depending on the severity of the decay, dentists weigh the need for a filling vs root canal to see if either procedure is necessary. To you, tooth pain is just tooth pain. It may pinch, radiate, pulsate, or sting, but all you care about is that it goes away. Tooth problems are one of those things the average person can’t readily self-diagnose. Read on to learn more about the exquisite anatomy of the tooth and its treatments. Filling vs Root Canal Both procedures relieve pain in the mouth and prevent further damage. Dentists perform both procedures hundreds of times a week without complications. There are some distinct differences in the approaches that you should know. Key among the differences are the degrees and areas of damage to a tooth. From there, the procedures further…

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    periodontal treatment

    What Is Periodontal Disease and What To Expect From Periodontal Treatment?

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    Over 3.5 million people are suffering from varying types of oral mouth diseases. Among the most common of these is periodontal disease. Though the periodontal disease can be frightening, there are ways to avoid it. Keep reading to learn more about periodontal treatment and how periodontal disease works. What is Periodontal Disease? Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums that causes irreversible damage to the bone. Bacteria live in large numbers on the teeth and gums, and when teeth are not cleaned well, bacteria continue to thrive. An overgrowth of bacteria leads to plaque and tartar build-up along the gumline resulting in inflammation of the gums. If inadequate brushing and cleansing of the teeth continue over a long time, periodontal disease develops. Gingivitis is similar, but it is the precursor to periodontal disease. Lack of proper oral hygiene is not the only contributor to gum disease. Many other factors can aid in the development of periodontal diseases, such as: Smoking or using other tobacco products Hereditary Diabetes Anything that negatively impacts your immune system Certain Medications Poor diet and lifestyle Heart disease is also linked to periodontal disease. If you do not treat periodontal disease, you risk losing your…

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    getting braces

    How to Prepare and What to Expect When Getting Braces

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    A recent study found that 33% of young adults in America avoid smiling because they’re embarrassed about the state of their teeth. That same study found that 82% of participants across all age groups believe that straight teeth can help you get ahead in life. If either of these statements resonates with you, maybe it’s time to join the ranks of over four million Americans with braces! Perhaps you’ve considered it, but you’re just not sure what to expect. After all, getting braces is a pretty big thing! We’ve put together a quick beginners braces guide to help you prepare for those first few braces procedures. Read on so you can be one step closer to having a smile you love! First Thing’s First: Schedule a Consultation with an Orthodontist If you’re considering getting braces, talk to your regular dentist about getting a referral to an orthodontist. There are a few routine procedures an orthodontist will perform to decide if braces are the right thing for you. These routine procedures aren’t too bad, but it’s good to know what to expect. Your orthodontist will need to take Xrays of your mouth and head, as well as some photographs of your…

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    Why You Should Start Using Mouthwash Every Night Before Bed

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    We’ve all known since elementary school that if you want healthy gums and teeth, you need to brush and floss every day. But, one often overlooked component of oral health is using mouthwash. While it certainly won’t take the place of brushing and flossing, mouthwash should still be a part of your daily routine. Why use mouthwash and does mouthwash work, you ask? Read on for four reasons that’ll make you want to head to the store to buy some stat. 1. It Reduces the Instances of Cavities Mouthwash can’t replace the most critical components of oral health – brushing and flossing. But using an antibacterial mouthwash every day can help to reduce the number of cavities you will get. The key is to find a mouthwash that has fluoride in it and is approved by the American Dental Association. 2. It Works Great Post-Surgery After specific dental procedures, your dentist may prescribe an antiseptic mouthwash. It can help to reduce inflammation and prevent sores from forming. Some dentists will recommend it after having a procedure that prevents you from brushing your teeth for a length of time post-surgery. 3. It Can Fight Gum Disease Conditions like periodontal disease can…

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    Golsen Family Dentistry is a Family Dentist in Alpharetta

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    Alpharetta, GA – At Golsen Family Dentistry, delivering the gold standard dental care and treatment service has been the mission since establishment. Through the use of state of the art equipment, these well-trained dentists have been able to make a mark in the community, helping residents of Alpharetta, GA live their best possible life with the best smiles and oral health. Having been serving the area for years, Golsen Family Dentistry offers a comprehensive dental care and treatment service that begins and ends with patient satisfaction. From the moment patients walk into the clinic, they are presented with a whole new world that is guaranteed to change their perception about dental visits for the better. Starting from their administrative staff, patients will be presented with all the information needed to make an appointment and all the answers needed to take a decisive step. As part of the services offered, the friendly administrative staff will also handle all paperwork, familiarizing patients with supported payment options and in-house financing plans designed to ensure that everyone can afford top-quality dental care and treatment. Their waiting area has been designed to offer the most comfort, helping patients ease into the relaxing atmosphere and taking…

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