Are You a Good Candidate for Gum Reshaping?

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    Our smile is often the first thing that people notice about us.

    If your smile is something that you’re insecure about, how are you supposed to leave the first impression that you want?

    If you find yourself hiding your smile because you have uneven gums, there is a pretty simple solution for you!

    Keep reading to see how gum reshaping can give you the smile that you’ve always dreamed about.

    What Does the Process of Gum Reshaping Look Like?

    Gum reshaping, or, gum contouring, is the process of reshaping the appearance of your gum line on your teeth.

    This may be done for cosmetic reasons, or for health reasons. Regardless of your reasoning, there are steps you will need to follow to have the surgery done.


    Before the periodontist performs the gum reshaping surgery on you, they will want you to come in for a consultation.

    This consultation includes an examination of teeth which may include x-rays. Your doctor will also want to know your expectations for the surgery so that they can create the best plan for you.

    How The Gum Contouring Surgery is Performed

    The surgery itself is performed under local anesthesia.

    In the past, surgeons used scalpels to reshape the gums, which resulted in a much longer healing time. There was also a higher risk of infection from the bacteria mouths contain.

    In more recent years, cosmetic surgeons have started to use a laser for gum contouring. The laser cuts down on the risk of infection, as it kills bacteria as it shapes gums.

    Also, the laser makes the surgery much quicker and less painful for the patient.

    The Healing Process

    The healing process of gum reshaping surgery is fairly easy.

    Your doctor will suggest that you limit activities on the first day or two after surgery. After that, you will need to be careful with the things you eat and the medicine you take.

    Some general post-surgery guidelines are…

    • For pain relief, take Tylenol or Advil. Avoid using Aspirin because it acts as a blood thinner.
    • Try to eat foods that are cold and soft. Foods that are too harsh to chew may prevent the wounds from healing.
    • Avoid spicy food. The spice will burn the area of the gums that are healing.
    • Your doctor will give you specific instructions on how to brush your teeth and when you can start.

    As with any surgery, immediately contact your doctor if you notice swelling that isn’t easing or excessive bleeding.

    Why You May Consider Gum Reshaping

    Gum reshaping is a versatile surgery that can positively impact many people.

    It is performed when the gums cover too much, or too little, of the teeth and can be performed for cosmetic or health reasons.

    Medical Conditions

    The most common medical condition that results in an uneven gum line is periodontal disease.

    You have probably heard about how you can get “gum disease” from smoking or forgetting to floss regularly. This is what periodontal disease is.

    Gum disease often causes the gums to recede, which leaves the jawbone, root, and teeth at risk. While patients often have gum reshaping surgery done to remove excess tissue, this condition requires gum tissue to be added.

    If your periodontist finds that gum disease is an issue, they will set up a plan to get rid of it before moving forward with the surgery. Once your gums have been treated, your doctor will start the restorative process.

    Cosmetic Reasons

    Some people are just born with uneven gums.

    If there are no medical conditions associated with your uneven gums, the reshaping surgery is considered purely cosmetic.

    Cosmetic reasons for having gums reshaped include…

    • Teeth that appear small and stubby
    • Excessive gum tissue, creating a “gummy” smile
    • An uneven gum line that makes teeth look misshapen or uneven

    If your gumline is something that is an insecurity, then you are the right candidate for a cosmetic gum surgery.

    What Should You Consider Before Having Your Gums Reshaped?

    Although gum reshaping surgery is pretty simple, there are some factors that you will want to consider.


    Cosmetic gum surgery is usually not covered by dental insurance.

    Unless it’s a medical necessity, you will likely have to pay out of pocket. If money is an issue for you, then cosmetic gum surgery may not be an option.

    The average cost of cosmetic gum reshaping is anywhere from $300 to $3000. How much work you need done will impact the cost.

    For example, if bone needs to be removed to perform the gum lasering, you will have to pay much more. If only a small amount of gum tissue needs to be removed, your cost will be on the lower end.

    Aside from labor, your dentist’s experience, the use of anesthesia, and any procedures that are added to the lasering will impact your cost.

    Possible Health Complications

    With any surgery, there are some potential risks.

    Although a gum lasering surgery is a pretty mild surgery, there is always the risk of having an allergic reaction to the anesthetic. This is pretty uncommon but it is still a risk you should be aware of.

    It is also possible to have a relapse of gum tissue. This means the gum tissue has grown back where it was originally removed, ultimately making the surgery ineffective.

    Is this the Right Procedure for You?

    While anybody who is struggling with uneven gums is a good candidate for the surgery, not everyone is going to want to go through with it.

    While the surgery is pretty simple, it can get costly if you need a lot of work done. With insurance not usually covering cosmetic procedures, this surgery may not be an affordable option for you.

    If you can afford the surgery and your gumline is something that bothers you, a gum reshaping surgery could be exactly what you need for a boost of confidence!

    If you’re ready to take the next step to achieving your best smile, contact us today to set up a consultation at our Alpharetta, GA practice!