A Debate About Pearly Whites: At Home Whitening vs. Dentist Whitening Treatments

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    There’s nothing more beautiful than a genuine smile. It’s a wonderful gesture that demonstrates joy and affection.

    So it’s more than a little sad that one in four people are too worried about their teeth to smile often.

    Fortunately, there are many ways to get a whiter, brighter smile. However, there’s been quite some debate over which method is best — an over-the-counter whitening solution or dentist whitening?

    Join us as we explore the pros and cons of both sides and delve deeper into this debate.

    At-Home Whitening

    There are dozens of products that promise to make your teeth whiter. Many may even claim to do so in a matter of days.

    But is it too good to be true? Let’s take a look at some of the biggest advantages and disadvantages of at-home teeth whitening.


    By far, the biggest advantage of home whitening is the cost. Whitening at home is undoubtedly more affordable than an in-office procedure.

    Whitening strips, mouthwashes, and toothpaste are some of the most affordable solutions. They cost between $7 and $70 on average.

    In addition to whitening products, there are plenty of home remedies people can use, as well. Baking soda, for instance, can remove surface-level stains to improve tooth coloration.


    Of course, these at-home solutions come with some major caveats.

    While these solutions are certainly more affordable, they aren’t necessarily more effective. While whitening strips and the like will make a difference, you won’t get the same results as you would from a professional cosmetic procedure.

    That’s especially true if you drink coffee or eat foods like curry or berries.

    These products may also weaken your enamel, which can leave your teeth and gums vulnerable to any number of oral diseases.

    Dentist Whitening

    As wonderful as at-home remedies are, it’s clear that they aren’t perfect. But how do they compare to the services offered by your local dentist?


    An over-the-counter solution is a quick fix. But a cosmetic dentist has access to higher-grade equipment and chemicals that can leave your teeth looking whiter for longer.

    What’s more, you won’t have to wait long to notice the results. Most of the time you’ll have a brighter smile by the end of your visit.

    Also, your dentist knows how to keep your teeth safer. They won’t use anything that may otherwise harm your mouth or gums. That alone may be worth the price of a visit.


    There aren’t many cons to professional teeth whitening. The only barrier is cost.

    However, teeth whitening is still quite affordable. The average price for a standard whitening is around $399.

    You should get in touch with your local dentist office to inquire about specifics, though.

    Which is Best?

    You want whiter teeth, but what’s your best option? Ultimately, that depends on your budget.

    But even so, it’s important to remember that over-the-counter solutions will get you minimal results for a short period of time.

    That’s why we recommend consulting a professional cosmetic dentist when looking to brighten your smile.

    Get in touch to schedule an appointment or ask any questions about the dentist whitening process.