5 Tips for Helping Your Teen With Braces

    teen with braces
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    Being an adolescent is already scary. The threat of failing classes, not making the basketball team, or rejection by your crush adds enough pressure. But what if your teen feels as though he or she doesn’t fit in?

    What if they struggle to find their place among their peers? Will your teen with braces be able to handle the added stress of looking different?

    These are some of the worries your kid may experience if he or she must get braces.

    True, braces have come a long way from 30 or 40 years ago. But even if your teen decides to wear invisible braces (like Invisalign) there are still some lifestyle changes to make during the phase of wearing them.

    Helping My Teen With Braces

    As a parent, your teen’s well-being is a top priority. You want to make sure their needs are met especially when it comes to anything medical related.

    Investing in braces will cost you but it’s also going to ensure your teen doesn’t develop certain orthodontic problems later on.

    If you have questions please speak with your orthodontist. Once you obtained the necessary information you and your teen can discuss key elements on how to deal with braces.

    Discuss How Long The Brace Will Be On

    The number one question most teens with braces will ask is how long they’ll have to wear them. The specific timeframe of how long it takes for their teeth to straighten may not be known initially.

    But it’s good for you and your orthodontist to be honest about the possible timeframe. Because getting braces requires a commitment of both the parent and teen. You both should know how long the change in teeth cleaning and meal preparation habits will last.

    Discuss How To Maintain The Braces

    Teens with braces confront changes to brushing their teeth, how they look, and what to eat. Talking with them about how important proper care of their braces will encourage them. Especially if you explain that failure to clean the braces may extend the time they must wear them.

    Support Is Important

    Consider developing a daily schedule and checklist for cleaning their teeth. If you know your child may forget then give a friendly reminder to use their water picks and rinse with salt water.

    If your son or daughter is self-conscious words of encouragement may help. Have them remember they won’t wear their braces forever and when they come off their smile will be brilliant.

    Develop Braces-Friendly Meals

    Teens love to eat. So for them to change their eating habits for 1, 2, or 4 years may seem like torture. But it doesn’t have to be.

    Create a weekly or monthly braces-friendly meal plan together. This way they can enjoy their food like everyone else in the home.

    Patience Is Key

    If it seems your teen hasn’t mastered how to cope with braces overnight don’t panic. Think back to when you were a teen. Did you alter your behavior overnight if your parents asked you? Of course not.

    But nagging them about what needs to be done or how much the braces cost you won’t solve the problem. Always keep it about them.

    Because they wear braces. They endure physical pain. They must experience the not-so-fun-changes to their lives.

    Stick to the reminders, emotional support, and meal prep help.

    Because the struggle is real for them.

    Worth the Investment

    A beautiful smile is worth its weight in gold. Your teen with braces will need your help weathering the storm of transition. But remember nothing lasts forever.

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