5 Signs That You Have Gum Disease

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    Gum (periodontal) disease is an infection in the tissue that surrounds your teeth. It’s important you are aware of the different symptoms or early signs that gum disease has so you can take immediate action.

    At Golsen Family Dentistry, we want to inform every patient and make them aware of the dangers of gum disease, especially in quarantine.

    During the current situation we’re facing globally, it’s crucial that you are taking the best care of your dental health. Since it’s impossible to schedule a dentist appointment, our team wants to help you prevent gum disease.


    Let Us Take Care Of Your Dental Health

    Gum disease needs to be handled immediately. One of the main reasons why gum disease appears in your teeth is because you are not flossing or brushing your teeth enough.

    The most common signs of gum disease are:

    1. Constant bad breath

    2. Red, swollen, bleeding, or very sensible gums

    3. Pain when chewing

    4. Loose and sensitive teeth

    5. Receding gums

    To avoid these symptoms from getting to you, start brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, floss more frequently and try to make it a habit.

    Flossing gets rid of food residue that hardens in between your teeth and gums if it’s left there. Also, brushing your teeth is one of the safest ways to prevent diseases from appearing in your mouth. 

    With the combination of both flossing and brushing, you are set to have your dental health impeccable. That is if you have a balanced alimentation. 

    If you are a constant smoker, you are putting your gums in danger, so our team at Golsen Family Dentistry advises you to quit smoking.

    Take The Right Measures 

    The best way of preventing gum disease is to start changing your habits and daily routines. Implementing constant flossing and brushing can do you a huge favor.