4 Tips to Prepare Your Child for His First Dental Visit

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    You want to set your child up with good dental hygiene habits that’ll last a lifetime.

    The only problem is that you’re probably not that crazy about going to the dentist yourself – and chances are your child isn’t going to relish the prospect either.

    With experts advising their first dental visit occurs within 6 months of the first tooth appearing, or before their first birthday, you need to prepare them early for this experience.

    But never fear.

    Follow our 4 tips, and you can prepare your child for their first dental visit – and make it as painless as possible for all involved!

    1. The Earlier the Better

    As mentioned at the outset, the earlier you take your child for the first dentist appointment, the easier it will be for everyone!

    It will help your toddler to feel relaxed in the setting – it won’t be a new scary place that they first encounter when they are older and more aware of their surroundings.

    Get them used to sights and smells by meeting that first year deadline.

    2. Role Play First

    Role play is a fantastic way to prepare for many of life’s daunting events, and going to the dentist is no different.

    Get them to come equipped with their toothbrush, lie them back on a recliner and talk them through what to expect. You can even get a little mirror to show them what the dentist will do.

    That way when they’re placed on the chair for the first time, there will be a degree of familiarity to the whole experience.

    3. Don’t Talk It Up

    It’s easy to subconsciously pass on our anxieties to our children and build up the event of baby’s first dental visit into a big deal in their minds.

    So be careful to be nonchalant in the way you talk about it. Going to the dentist is the most natural thing in the world – and a vital part of maintaining good health.

    Your relaxed approach the whole experience can help them to see that it’s not a big deal and nothing to be frightened of.

    4. Start Good Habits Early

    It would be a mistake to conclude that because your child’s first set of teeth will fall out anyway, they’re less important.

    How you train your child to care for their teeth now will influence their habits for the rest of their lives. In preparation for your child’s first dental visit, get them into good habits.

    Make teeth brushing a fun part of their daily ritual – never to be forgotten – and those baby teeth will make way for an adult set they’ll keep in tip-top condition.

    How to Prepare Your Child for his First Dental Visit: The Verdict

    By establishing good habits, getting in there early and making sure it seems like just a normal part of life, you’ll be able to make your child’s first dental visit a pain-free experience for all!

    At Golsen Family Dentistry, we know exactly how to put your child at ease during their dental visit. Click here to schedule an appointment with us today.